Bed Bug infestation is inevitable. The steps you take once bed bugs are found will be a key determining factor to how all parties involved will succeed in eliminating this pest for your clients, tenants, work place and/or from your investment.

What Leap Pest Control has to offer is an effective bed bug program, and a team of technicians that is entirely dedicated to finding the right solutions for your problem.

How do we do this?


  • We can provide staff education on bed bug biology and bed bug behaviours within a structure.
  • Leap Pest Control will send out a canine inspection team to assess the infestation.
  • We will collect the detailed data from the inspection and/or survey.
  • Next we will come up with the most effective solution to treat your bed bug problem


Our treatment programs are very adaptable to your situation and can involve any number of our services which include:


  • Canine Inspection Team
  • Bed Bug Technician Team
  • Heat Treatment Team
  • Exclusion Service Team
  • Bed Bug Preparation Team

    Who do we service?

    Non profit organizations, hotels, motels, city housing corporations, co-operative housing, private landlords, property management companies, hospitals, schools, university dorm room facilities, multi-family homes, healthcare facilities, government buildings, apartment complexes, lodging associations, retail stores & more.

    How to Proceed

    Contact leap pest control at (416) 805 5327 for more details on our bed bug solutions.