Bed Bug Chemical Treatment – Residential


  • Initial inspection if bed bugs have not been identified by the client. If activity has been found by the client, initial inspection does not need to be performed as bed bugs have already been confirmed.
  • Inspection to be performed by a canine team to determine if bed bugs and in fact present. Inspection is included in the cost of treatment if bed bugs are detected. If bed bugs are not detected there will be an inspection fee applied.
  • Once confirmed, we will provide you with a preparation sheet at time of inspection. We can email it to your directly or it can be downloaded from our web site.
  • After following our preparation sheet and preparing your residence, our technicians will arrive on pre-determined date to provide the following service for a bed bug treatment.
  • We will vacuum furniture, mattress, box spring, head board, dressers, cracks, crevices, and any other harborage that we may find at your location.
  • Next we will apply a hot dry steam to furniture, mattress and box spring as well as any areas we find bed bugs congregating and where eggs can be found.
  • Next step is our bed bug technician will remove outlet covers and switch plates and apply an insecticide dust or a Diatomaceous Earth (which is organic) to these areas. A dust treatment will also be applied around crevices and cracks of baseboards, door frames and window frames.
  • Mattress encasements are recommended to protect your bed and box spring.  If encasements are purchased through Leap pest Control you will receive a 10% discount on all encasements as well as free installment at time of treatment.
  • Leap Pest Control offers a bed bug exclusion service, where we will apply caulking around the baseboards and use expandable foam to seal of entry points around pipes and radiators. This service is an add-on and will be quoted in addition to your treatment.
  • Last but not least, we will apply a chemical residual spray around baseboards, and any other areas where bed bug activity may occur.
  • Once initial treatment is complete, you will call to book a follow-up treatment for 10-14 days after first treatment.
  • Once the second treatment is complete, we will follow up with a canine inspection in two weeks to determine if you are bed bug free. If in this two week period you find a living bed bug contact Leap Pest Control to determine the next course of action.

Leap Pest Control takes the matter of eliminating bed bugs very seriously for our clients. That is why we continue to educate our staff with literature, training and technology to provide our clients the most effective and affordable treatment.