Bed Bug Chemical Treatment – Preparation


What should I do around my home to help prepare for bed bug treatment?

Your home/unit is going to be treated for bed bugs. In order to allow for successful treatment and to maximize on the treatment taking place it is imperative that the following steps be taken to prepare your home/unit.

  • Bag all clothing and bedding materials to be washed in high temperatures.

  • Empty closets, dresser drawers and remove all decor items from walls and surfaces.

  • Move large furniture items from baseboards so they can be fully treated.

  • Pick up all items in and around area to be treated to allow maximum treatment of all surface areas.

  • Vacuum and or steam seams of mattresses and box springs, couches and chairs.

  • Be prepared for your family and pets to leave the home for three to four hours to allow sufficient time
    for treatment and subsequent ventilation.

  • A follow-up treatment will be performed approximately 10-14 days after the initial treatment.