Bed Bug Canine Detection – Preparation


What should I do around my home to help prepare for canine inspection?

Your home/unit is going to be receive a canine inspection for bed bugs. In order to allow for successful inspection and to maximize on the inspection process it is imperative that the following steps be taken to prepare your home/unit.

  • Try not to use scented cleaning products for approximately one week before canine inspection.

  • Please remove any open rodent bait stations, snap traps and/or glue boards from accessible areas, as well as any sharp items such as knives and needles. Please make sure the environment is free from medication or pills. This is to protect our canine inspector.

  • If clothing or other objects are bagged, open the bags just before inspection.

  • Remove pets such as; dogs and cats from inspection (for example, outside into a pet crate). Please remove their food and water bowls as well.

  • Residents are to remain in the kitchen and/or outside of the residence provided the weather is nice.

  • If you have been previously treated for bed bugs within the last two weeks, chemicals should be washed away using a non-scented cleaner or mild soap and water.