Bed Bug Exclusion ServiceCaulking Gun


Due to the fact we know bed bugs can harbour pretty much anywhere, Leap Pest Control recommends that eliminating bed bug hiding places will help with an effective Integrated Pest Management Program. This is an additional service we can provide to our customers.

What do our exclusion services provide
for our clients?

It gives you peace of mind knowing that we have eliminated possible hiding areas as well as minimized most areas where bed bugs lay their eggs. As well, we know that bed bugs travel from unit to unit in an apartment setting and doing the exclusion service will go a long way to help prevent bed bug entry to your home.

What will Leap Pest Control do to prevent bed bug harborage areas in your home?

  • Leap Pest Control will apply a dust application around cracks and crevices of the baseboards. Then our technician will apply caulking to the baseboard to block any entry points.
  • We will remove heater or radiator covers if applicable, so we can gain access to the pipes where we apply insecticide dust and then will apply an expandable foam around the entry point to assure no entry or escape can be gained.
  • We will also dust and seal around pipes underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks with an expandable foam application.
  • Any additional entry point will be inspected, dusted and sealed off. If entry points are serious structural problems we will make note on our report the client/landlord can take proper steps to repair those deficiencies.