Bed Bug Canine Detection

Carl Maroney and HunterInspection, Detection & Treatment

You’ve heard of Bomb dogs? Drug dogs? Now, man’s best friend is the latest weapon in the war on Bed Bugs. Leap Pest Control welcomed Hunter to our team three years ago, our most powerful and trusted tool in bed bug detection. Hunter was rescued from the pound and trained at the Florida Canine Academy. He has more than 600 hours of training in scent detection for bed bugs and has logged many hours of successful work since graduating and joining our team.

Hunter’s nose is cutting edge technology and can lead his handler Carl Maroney – a certified bed bug dog handler and experienced licensed pest controller – to anything from a single bed bug or egg to major infestations. The biggest benefit to using Hunter for inspection services is that his nose can pin point infestations with 95% accuracy where humans and costly mechanical devices that barely attract bed bugs can only lead to and pin point infestations with approximately 30% accuracy. Not only is his accuracy impeccable but he can inspect rooms in a matter of minutes saving you time and reducing financial impact while simultaneously giving Leap Pest Control the vital information that we need to know to quickly and effectively resolve your problem.

Trusted by law enforcement, military and government agencies around the world, dogs have helped give us peace of mind knowing that these agencies will do what it takes to protect us. Leap Pest Control has taken the steps to further ensure that we can provide you with the most effective inspection tool in our industry today, Hunter – the bed bug scent detection dog.

Top reasons for using Hunter:

Hunter can find bed bugs behind walls, baseboards or under carpets.

Find single bed bugs before they turn into major infestations.

Show due diligence to customers or occupants by ensuring they are in a pest-free environment.

Save valuable time and money while giving your pest management company info on how to best resolve your problem.